What will happen next for inkjet in decor printing?

InPrint Italy Wood.jpg

Décor printing has already had a significant inkjet revolution with the almost total conversion in Ceramics in five short years. This has perhaps led the inkjet industry to search for the next big thing. What will be the next market to do the same thing? Is this at all likely? Maybe a more incremental shift where inkjet plays a different role instead of that replacing the existing analogue technology. 

In order to help us to gain clarity and insight we are writing a Décor Report due out in September and part of that will feature the results of a survey.

This initiative is in partnership with I.T. Strategies, IMI Europe and TCM (organiser of Decorative Surfaces Conferences).

So we invite you to participate in the survey because we want your opinion. In return for 5 minutes of your time we will make sure that you receive a special advance copy of the report when it is completed, before it is available for general download.

Please complete the survey here