Functional Print at the forefront

More highlights at InPrint Milan in November 2016

Industrial Screen Printing continues to play an important role in manufacturing applications; here is a selection of featured exhibitors


Sakurai is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of industrial screen printing equipment. At InPrint 2016 they will be providing insight and innovations for industrial screen printing. A leader in automated screen printing for manufacturing, they will be demonstrating the power, flexibility and variety of industrial screen printing applications achievable with market leading Sakurai technology at in Milan in November 2016. Sakurai will show the It should be MS80SD + CCD (camera registration system) at InPrint 2016.

ESC supply machines for producing industrial products. Utilising a huge technical centre which is designed for testing, this offers customers the possibility of practical print tests. In this way the suitability of the different print processes can be checked right from the very beginning of a products’ design. As well as the print technology, ESC has over 65 years’ experience of industrial printing which stands for innovative, individually designed print solutions.

Screen Printing – Nazdar

Nazdar manufactures the most comprehensive selection of UV, UV-LED, water based and solvent based digital inkjet, screen printing, and narrow web inks and coating obtainable from a single source. Nazdar inks are used within automotive, direct to shape packaging, smart technology and many other applications.

Milan based Sirpi will exhibit again at InPrint

Sirpi has been a manufacturer for ink and varnish for more than 50 years. They supply many industries like furniture, automotive, packaging, label and general graphics. Sirpi has a wide range of inks ready to use and often design and manufacture inks specific to customer requirements. They have expert knowledge and manufacture water based, solvent based, UV curable and UV LED products.

Functional Printing

A new exhibitor is French based Ceradrop which is a division of MGI Group. CERADROP designs and markets Materials Deposition Digital Printers exclusively for Printed Electronics Industry and Smart 3D Printing. Utilising a modular-based scalable concept, CeraPrinter Series models present new opportunities for feasibility study and launch of new products into the Printed Electronics market.

Alchemie Technology will show their head technology ‘Jetronica’ which is an industrial head in that it has been designed for industrial use. Particularly pre and post production. Most heads are fundamentally designed for graphic printing so the emphasis is on high viscosity for precise image reproduction. Jetronica comes at it from an entirely different angle and designed for digital deposition of a variety of functional fluids. With Pre-treating it allows less use of material, less waste and is more energy efficient. It can also be used for coating, such as spray painting cars.

Going places fast with Alchemie Technology

Going places fast with Alchemie Technology

Functional Direct to Shape – CyconJet by Mankiewicz

Whilst there is a significant amount of interest in direct to shape inkjet technology for packaging, the development work undertaken by Mankiewicz with CyconJet is opening up new possibilities for different manufacturing lines. With a background in paint manufacturing, Mankiewicz developed CYCONJET® which is a UV Inkjet system specifically developed for the application in the industrial sector. It is a different proposition to print onto paper and foils than it is directly onto curved shapes and metal based products.

A new exhibitor for 2016 is inkjet leader and InPrint Knowledge Partner, EFI. With its headquarters in Silicon Valley, California, the company is a major supplier of a constantly developing range of high-end production inkjet printers and inks, print MIS/ERP workflow technologies and globally recognised EFI Fiery digital print workflow technology systems.

Specialised operations within EFI include EFI Cretaprint in Spain, producing inkjet printers claimed to be the most advanced digital ceramic tile decorating systems, and EFI Reggiani, Italian-based manufacturer of printing machines and pre-post treatment equipment principally for the textiles sector. And expansion continues – earlier this year EFI acquired Rialco Ltd in the UK, one of Europe's leading suppliers of dye powders and colour products for digital print and industrial manufacturing industries.

Thieme is an international leader in high quality screen printing and digital printing systems. From classic graphic printing to specialised functional coatings and the integration of printing processes in complex manufacturing procedures. The Thieme-Digital printing system is a variable machine concept which may also be tailored to individual customer requirements whether screen printing or digital printing.


Functional technology in the conference - IMI Europe Inkjet Tech TalksMain Conference room 12.00 – 13.00 hrs everyday

IMI Europe will be hosting a series of Tech Talks at the InPrint Show in Milan, Italy. The talks from industry leaders like Global Inkjet Systems, Pivotal Resources and Inca Digital will cover key technology items including inks, software, printheads, nozzle maintenance and integration, and are designed to complement the other content available at the show.

Join us at InPrint in Milan November 15th - 17th to see and experience more in the world of Functional Print. If you are intereested in finding out more about the show or conference programme then contact