Call for papers for InPrint Conference in Milan and educational programme for 2016

In line with our vision to collaborate and lead the future of industrial print, we invite the industrial print community to present outline papers for consideration. 

As many in the industrial print community know, InPrint is committed to creating and sharing insight for the development of industrial print technologies.

In 2015, we published the first InPrint White Paper - Why is industrial print booming? - Which outlined the key consumer and manufacturing trends that are creating the correct conditions for change in the world of Industrial Print. The follow up White Paper ‘What is the future of industrial print’? Authored by Mark Hanley of I.T. Strategies provided further headline growth forecasts per segment for inkjet with a headline fact that there was accelerated growth of 36% for inkjet between 2012 and 2022. 

As expected the broad areas of growth of Functional, Decorative and Packaging were confirmed by the research. For functional the major industrial segments that the group felt important were Automotive, Aeronautics, Consumer electronics and Home appliances which continue to be supported by screen print technologies and to some degree, Inkjet.  With regard to decorative it was interiors, office, furnishing textiles and home décor with flooring particularly wood that were mentioned several times.

The latest InPrint Survey conducted in January reports also suggested that Packaging (60%) is perceived to be one of the lead segments possibly due to its sheer size and its close proximity to consumers and its potential to influence. In particular, Inkjet is showing incredible advances in the ‘direct to shape’ area.

At InPrint, we have always placed considerable emphasis on learning from shared knowledge of this evolving and collaborative market. With our blogs, research, webinars and our conference and educational element of our InPrint exhibitions, we believe that people are really interested to hear and learn more about the ever changing technology and diverse applications in Industrial print.

As with our event in Munich in 2015, we plan to put together a comprehensive conference programme of around 60 sessions for the event in Milan in November 15-17th 2016. To reflect our most recent research we have decided to focus on the functional, decorative and packaging segments. To reflect these subjects we will be working closely with our partners, Kurt Fischer from TCM, Stewart Partridge and Aditya Chandavarkar from Inkjet Alliance and Tim Philips from IMI Europe to put together key note sessions focused on Surface decoration, Industrial Digital Textile and the development of inkjet technologies for technical applications.

In addition, to these sessions, we will be interested to hear from speakers on subjects such as Smart Screen Print technology, Direct to Shape, 3D printing and specialty print applications.

If you have an interesting case study, a technical paper or are just happy to take part in a discussion and you are happy to share and discuss your work in the field of Industrial Print, then please contact me at with a title and a brief outline description of your proposed talk.