Interview with InPrint Inaugural Founders Award winners: CEFLA JetSet

InPrint 2016 saw the introduction of the first InPrint Founders Award. The award is designed to profile entrepreneurialism, collaboration and innovation for the development of industrial inkjet integration. The award was also established in memory of Paolo Capano, an early supporter of InPrint, founder of Anteprima and European MD for INX Digital. Sadly he passed away suddenly in 2015.

The award was judged by Mike Willis of Pivotal Resources, Marcus Timson of InPrint Show, Lorenzo Villa of Density and Marco Zanella of INX Digital. The award was based upon entries made prior to the show.

In this article, we talk to Sergio Ferrari of Cefla JetSet who established the business a few years ago. JetSet are based in Bergamo in Northern Italy. 

Sergio, how did you think of the idea to launch JetSet?

JetSet was born from a vision and the sincere passion for inkjet technology. The basic idea was to create a company with the ability to respond to the demand of customization of industrial printing platforms as its core business. The challenge was to build inkjet printers that can be integrated into the production process without overturning it. This represented something new as for years the latter was commonplace.

So since JetSet has joined InPrint in 2015 - how much has changed for industrial printing?

Over the past 18 months there is a growing awareness that inkjet is a feasible opportunity, a way to explore and create new value. Not only for specialised customization projects, but also as a potential alternative to analogue printing in many applications. However there is still much to do, to tell, to be developed. Our experience in inkjet comes from 15 years of research and integration. We have spent this time solving problems, creating successes and experiencing failures with inkjet applied to manufacturing. Anyone who now approaches industrial printing from scratch is certainly in an easier position as much of the early work has been done by us and other pioneers. There are now mature technologies available, so it's easier to be correct. But as in all areas of work and life, the experience on the field is the real differentiator and the experience we have gained during this time is really helpful and valuable for customers. 

Can you tell us more about the GATE technology?

GATE is a concept, which is born from our experience. Bringing inkjet integration to many different industrial sectors is not an easy thing to do. You can't trivialize and pretend that a single machine suits everyone, but then again you cannot start from scratch each time. GATE is our basic paradigm, which helps us to 'make a tailored suit' for our industrial customers and OEMs that turn to JetSet to have a unique machine. Without having to start from a blank sheet. We have developed highly effective core modules, such as material transport systems based on conveyor belt, vacuum tables and roll-to-roll, but also curing modules and self-aligning printhead slot plates. Add to this unique and patented technologies, like our ink recirculation system, which guarantees an extraordinary efficiency both in the scanning and single-pass applications. Each new project, in fact, benefits from the experience and the innovations that come with the others, making GATE a scalable and cutting-edge concept.

 Tell me more about Gate Technology?

Being part of a diversified industrial group (Cefla) with a global presence gives us preferential access to technology, markets and stakeholders that are accelerating the R&D processes and release of products, also ensuring full financial stability even for the most ambitious medium and long term projects. But what matters most is the breadth of vision and the approach to the market and the customer that Cefla is bringing to JetSet. It 'something assumed in the industry, but rather unusual in the inkjet field, that is influencing not only the company but the daily work of each person in the group at all levels, resulting in enormously higher levels of trust, commitment, contentedness and effectiveness.

 What does winning the InPrint Founders Award mean to you?

It 'a great honor and it's something that goes beyond the recognition of a technical result, or the conquest of a status. When together with my friend Paolo Capano - of whose name the Award is in memory of - and a small group of visionaries, we put together the pieces of what we called industrial inkjet. As all this did not exist. Today that inkjet integration is recognized as an established and fast-growing industry segment, receiving this award confirms that the vision was correct.

How has the first InPrint in Italy been received by the market and how successful has it been for you?

Italy is an extremely diversified manufacturing country with innumerable areas of high specialization, in which decorative and functional printing play a key role in thousands of companies. For us, it was an opportunity to meet new and interesting interlocutors, and get back to sit down and develop collaborations with suppliers, customers and partners with whom we work for years. The balance is positive and I am confident that Italy will stay a fertile ground for InPrint and all the world inkjet manufacturers.

For more information on Cefla JetSet check out their website