InPrint 2016: J-Teck3 to Showcase Inkjet Solutions Industrial Printing Applications in Milan

J-Teck3, brand of JK Group SPA, recently acquired by Dover Corporation, will be attending Inprint with its range of digital inks dedicated to textile and graphic industrial printing applications. The potential of the industrial printing technology is huge and sees a constant growth.  J-Teck3 strongly  believes in this potential and future success in the digital printing market.

For the textile printing market, J-Teck3 is able to offer a wide range of disperse inks for polyester and synthetic fabrics. In particular, the product J-Cube, has been  designed for inkjet printing systems used in industrial printing process and equipped with high performing print heads. Available for either transfer or direct-to-fabric printing, the inks’ versatility spans a wide array of polyester applications including fashion and home decoration.  It includes a vast gamut of shades among which  vivid fluorescent and varying shades of blacks thus providing  textile companies with superior colour combination and the capabilities to produce premium textile products. Also, J-Cube enables supreme printability, fast-drying and high quality image definition and is fully-compatible with printers equipped with Kyocera, Ricoh, Konica Minolta and Panasonic print heads, widely used in the industrial printing applicationsThe solution which J-Teck3 can offer in the graphic applications is  a waterbased pigment particularly suitable for the industrial printing process used in décor and furniture industry.    The product, which features very good printability with Kyocera heads, is the graphic pigmentJ-MelaMine,  studied for printing on melamine papers which cover  panels and laminates. Melamine papers are made of very thin paper layers which are saturated with resins of different kind. After being printed printing through a digital printer, they are used to produce panels and laminates having  an exceptional resistance to scratch and surface solvents. These main features, together with  hardness and solidity, allow for melamine panels and laminates to be largely diffused  in  furnishing  decoration  industry. J-Melamine  is available in CMYK shades and features very good printability, exceptional light resistance and very good colour saturation which allows for the production of graphics with vivid and bright colours. Through the digital printing process it is possibile to reach exceptional graphic results thus making  very difficult to recognize natural wood from its perfect imitation.

“InPrint is the ideal platform to present our product portfolio in Industrial Printing Applications” says Rosaria Pozzoni, Business Operation Manager for J-Teck3 brand “ we experience a great interest  in the field of Industrial Printing applied to Digital and are ready to offer our expertise and knowledge together with our premium digital inks to develop solutions for this fascinating and growing market”. 

J-Teck3 will be showcasing in the South Hall – Stand D40.

November 2016