Direct Innovation from Croatia

I recently interviewed Zaklina Begic Sales and Marketing Manager from Azon Printer to hear more about some new and interesting products coming from their Headquarters in Croatia.

I didn’t know much about Azon, but she introducedme to Azonprinter as an innovative international company with a proud and long tradition in designing, building and deploying the latest information technology in the digital industry. The company has been present on the market for more than 25 years by producing wide variety of equipment for sign and printing industry. All their printers are eco sustainable and promoting eco-friendly green technology. The company has more than 80 distributors worldwide and covers different markets such as Graphic and Sign, Textile and Embroidery, Laser users etc.

There first new initiative which catches the eye is the MASON –  an evolutionary A1 machine originated from the generation ofUV Printers with Azon Contiand RIP solutions .

MASON is the new generation of AZON wide format UV LED machines with maximum printing area 590x700 mm. It can print on unbelievable range of materials with maximum thickness up to 100 mm. Specially designed bulk ink tanks with ink monitoring sensor are to increase printing capacity of MASON. Each out of six bulk ink tanks holds 500 ml of ink and is extremely easy to handle. Out of box installation provides safety while refilling ink tanks from the bottles so the running costs for the machine are lower. 

MASON with new Azon CONTI upgrade features single pass printing technology in CMYK and white color with great speed and resolution. It produces incredibly crisp text and vibrant, full – colour images on a variety of substrates and 3D objects, from wood to canvas, ceramic tiles, plastics and more. The new sophisticated Azon RIP software enables the outstanding reproducing quality of 1440 dpi and produces the finest image details. 

The Azon RAZOR CONTI is bringing together the award winning printing technology with stronger, faster and more powerful LED curing system. The long lasting, energy efficient UV LED lamp generates low levels of heat for printing directly on a wide range of surfaces and three-dimensional objects 300 mm wide. RAZOR CONTI can now print directly onto PET, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, wood, leather and other soft materials up to 200 mm height. Maximum printable surface of 290x800mm makes him most versatile and competitive machine on the market. With this features possibilities of applications are expanded in numerous industries like sign and graphic, promotion, packaging industry and so much more.  

The final exciting installment is new “Plug and Play” system coming from Azon – Rotax for bottle printing on UV A3 and A1 and B0 Indy machines. I really like this, as the Direct to shape market is really expanding.


The new Azon innovation enables 360 degree printing on a wide range of materials. The possibilities of digital printing have now been doubled with specially designed rotary adapter. Rotax allows printing on a vast range of cylindrical objects with diameter ranging from 41 mm to 127 mm and height up to 279 mm.

With new rotary adapter, it is possible to print more varied print applications. Print on cylindrical and cone objects such as beer and wine glasses, cups, candles, tube, cans, tanks, vases, awards and much more. Rotax makes cylindrical printing efficient and precise by delivering both white and full color prints.

Rotax samples.jpg

Rotax attachment seems easy to install, quick to mount and smooth to operate. It takes only two minutes to plug and play. Simply mount the adapter on the printer and insert a connector. Direct to shape innovation!