Why is InPrint the Fastest Growing Print Technology Event in Europe?

With over 60 new exhibiting companies and a 50% increase in exhibition space, InPrint 2015 is set to provide tremendous value for exhibitors and visitors in 2015.

Taking place in Munich alongside Productronica, the event has considerably grown due to a number of factors, not least the timing of an event which has already proven to unlock new opportunity for a growing sector that needs new technology to feed its own technological revolution.

Why do people attend exhibitions at all?

If one had to whittle down a key word as to why people attend their respective exhibition in any industry, the word would have to be ‘change.’ Progress of any sort requires change to some level. The fact is that the trade show is a place to come to stay in touch with change or indeed to implement some kind of change. This kind of change is necessary in order for any business to develop and improve and/or indeed gain inspiration to help you to get the spark of an idea that may help create new value or generally improve in some way.

InPrint Provides a New Dynamic

It is true for InPrint that these factors bear fruit by attending. The show itself was rewarding for both exhibitors and visitors because it did, and still does something new. Senior technical and business people attended InPrint to solve problems. What they liked about the show in 2014 was that our exhibitors didn’t simply push finished product right at them. Whilst InPrint exists because of a clear business reason, the technical nature and sophisticated demands of print in manufacturing means that the dynamic itself was far more collaborative than perhaps a trade show that is designed purely for buying and selling. The emphasis on unit sales and on being the one who can boast about the number of sales generated creates a different type of environment. One that is perhaps more ‘push and close’ as opposed to ‘listen and solve’.

Frazer Chesterman, Co-Founder of InPrint answers the question. 'Why is InPrint 2015 the fastest growing print technology exhibition in Europe'?

Structural Change a Reality

The pace of change in 2015 is far faster and less predictable perhaps than ever before. The pressure on gaining or maintaining competitive advantage of any sort is dependent on your business having the requisite reconnaissance and being fully armed with the right information. The structural changes affecting traditional industries are plain to see with the print sector as it comes to terms with shorter runs and more competition from rival media. The manufacturing sector is experiencing exactly the same pressures as the drive towards automation and increasingly smart and sophisticated production accelerates in its development. 

All of this means that InPrint is perfectly poised to provide the clarity of access and purpose the industrial print sector requires and allied to the right profile, the right marketing approach and the focus of content, the event is set to continue to grow in stature and in size.
If you are interested in participating in any way, or would like to find out more please contact me on marcus.timson@mackbrooks.com