Visions of Digital Textile and beyond

Located on the beautiful banks of Lake Geneva in a small Swiss town called Morges, I recently visited the European HQ offices of Speciality inks Company - Sensient Imaging Technologies, to talk to Marketing Director - Christophe Bulliard.  After a busy few months with the acquisition of Xennia, I wanted to understand the vision of this innovative and dynamic industrial inks company.

The company has a long heritage in flavours, fragrances and colourants, but has more recently started to develop expertise in the inkjet inks sector with "workable sublimation inks" and now expanding to solutions for Industrial Digital printing.
Their aim was making it possible for the transition from Analogue to Digital textile production.
They have enjoyed a surge of new business in the recent few years as digital has enabled manufacturer's to respond to the demand for fast fashion.

When you walk round the offices you can really understand the history and heritage, but you are also easily impressed by the size and scale of the modern research labs, the storage facilities,  the plethora of digital testing machines and the fully automated packaging technology, that enables Sensient to be an exciting and forward looking company with a clear vision for future development and continued expansion.

I asked Christophe - "What does this expansion look like?"
"Well with the purchase of Xennia we have brought in knowledge and experience in new Industrial markets, which we see as offering us great potential - applications such as glass, plastics,  wall papers,  carpets, woodflooring, and more variety of textile options .

We understand the advantages of digital,  but we know it is a technology that offers new opportunities.

“The growth of digital textile continues to excite us, because of the mass market and the return to Europe of customised production that plays to the strengths of digital - speed, flexibility, and reduced stock wastage. Digital printed textile also offers some great examples of how you can produce interesting design quickly and with great variety for different decorative applications. Take the example of these curtain designs"

"We at Sensient, want to be at the heart of the industrial inkjet industry, and as I said to Frazer when he originally spoke to us about INPRINT,  that the timing is perfect and shows in Germany and Italy reflecting the functional and decorative side of the market is great for us and our positioning going forward.

“We are in a great position after our purchase of Xennia being able to offer a full scope of technologies, and you will see us continuing to invest in further decorative applications in the near future and you also see more exciting innovation from Sensient in the coming months "

Check out this link of Christophe telling us more on InPrint TV

Christophe will be joining five other top speakers at the forthcoming InPrint Italy Forum on the 24th September at the Mico Milan . If you would like to join us please don’t hesitate to email