Fashioning a New Sector - The J-Teck3 Story

Rosaria Pozzoni, Marketing Manager J-Teck3

Rosaria Pozzoni, Marketing Manager J-Teck3

Talking with Rosaria Pozzoni who is the Marketing manager for J-Teck3 I was reminded of how important values, personality and culture are to the success of a business. And along with that people skills and effective communication!

In the cut and thrust of life and business sometimes it is easy to lose sight of why we are here and why we bother to do what we do. Of course business is about creating value and profit. How we all go about this is different. A business that has launched from nothing into being an internationally recognised leader in a fast evolving market has to have something more. And I have always seen something different driving J-Teck3.

Talking to Rosaria about the history, success and future of exhibitor J-Teck3 it was both reassuring to hear and a reminder of how this difference can be part of their company success.

J-Teck3 was established back in 2003. From nothing they grew into a leader in the field of digital textile ink manufacture and in particular dye sublimation inks. This is impressive as it is a true story of innovation and success but also one which had considerable challenge. As with most success stories it didn’t simply fall into place.

Located in the Como region of Lombardy the business is borne out of textile, like so many of this area. The business has a fast moving, dynamic and innovative culture. In 2003, Italo, Enrico and Rosaria left what is now Kiian back then to launch a new business with new products. Seeing the market changing, J-Teck3 was one of the first companies to launch sublimation inks for a changing market.

One of the first things they did which marked them out as leaders was they developed an ink range that enabled much more vibrant colours and this really grabbed the attention of the print and design community. 

Rosaria explains, “Back in 2003, sublimation was really a niche marketplace. We had products that helped to really define the market and stretch the boundaries. This enabled us to establish a good reputation and niche with a specific expertise for creating inks for sublimation. But above all we were driven by our passion to start a new company which could really serve the market and the customers in a different way: open and innovative”

Dye Sublimation has revolutionised sportswear printing

Dye Sublimation has revolutionised sportswear printing

Why was sublimation so popular and how come it continues to grow?

“Sublimation is a fast print process for textile as the process for printing onto polyester doesn’t require all of the pre and post treatment that other textile printing processes require. It also enables one to print very bright and vibrant colours that are not really possible with other processes so for applications such as the sports sector it has proven to be particularly popular. The decoration is regarded as more effective both to look at but also for people to wear whilst they are working out or playing their favourite sports and they can look good and make a statement about them in the process.”

So the growth of digital sublimation textile printing has established itself due to sportswear?

“Yes and to a large extent this has been due to the push for sportswear and innovation in this regard. This sector is highly competitive as the push towards constantly improving technology for fitness is also linked to fashion. This is an interesting  market to be involved in as it is open minded and constantly changing. From 2003 to now, the market has grown and much of this is due to a keenness to embrace new possibilities and with the continued introduction of new heads like Ricoh and Kyocera which add more possibilities into the mix and give our customers more choice”

In the introduction I mentioned that culture is important to J-Teck3 and the success; explain a little bit more about this? 

“When you set up a new business, apart from your experience, all you have is a set of people. It is an opportunity to create something new, but you can only really do this with complete buy in from the leadership team to build a culture that enables creativity and leads to innovation.  We try to employ a structure that allows for creativity, passion and new ideas whilst still delivering our products on time to meet our customer needs. It is a balancing act to some extent but a flatter culture where we have fun in creating has proven to be very successful.”

Steve Jobs famously recommended that people should be ‘foolish’ in business; I can see that there is a playful theme within J-Teck3 is this important to you?

“Of course setting up a new business is a challenge and it can be very stressful at times. We think it is important that we have fun doing it, doing things like running a number of creative sessions to stretch ourselves to think differently. It has led to us to some great insight whilst a superb counter-balance to the pressure which you also need as well as being very motivating. But after you have had fun in creating new ideas and solutions , you have to make them real. And when you succeed this is really the biggest reward.”

So now J-Teck3 is part of JK Group as Kiian Digital, has this changed things?

“Yes of course but not in a negative way. J-Teck3 has amassed a great deal of experience in bringing new products to market and we will continue to run our business and brand as part of JK Group. Each company within the Group will keep its products, reputation and culture. The cultures are different as are the businesses, but I do believe it is the best of all worlds. We can have the speed of the innovator as well as  the tradition of the brand but together we are best placed  to deliver quality  products and service to our customers.

As a business JK Group  has more resources and we are able to utilise this greater depth of service for both J-Teck3 and Kiian Digital brands.   This will add more value to our customers who will benefit from a greater global spread of expertise and insight. I am excited about the future and the possibilities that we have.”

How important is the InPrint Show to J-Teck3?

“It is very important for us. We see this event as an access point to the wider industrial market, of which textile is but one part. As we continue to develop and grow our business we will be continuing to develop inks that provide people with new décor opportunities on different surfaces. The show in 2014 already provided us with a number of great opportunities and we look forward to Munich in November and Milan in November 2016.”

What do you believe will be the future for digital textile inks?

“Of course we will continue to create new inks for our customers in the growing sublimation sector. We also see opportunities for new products to develop digital textile printing solutions which will lead to higher productivity. The advent of single pass and the development of heads will lead to continued improvement in productivity and print quality. We believe this will further enable growth of digital textile inks into new market applications in décor for home furnishings, carpets, curtains and other decorative textiles. We see a rise in popularity for shorter run textile within this field as the trend towards personalisation and an increase in more localised production continues.“

J-Teck3 will be exhibiting at the InPrint 2015 Show on booth #F19

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