Join us at the InPrint Industrial Print Forum - 24th June


On 24th June in Munich, we host the first InPrint Industrial Print Forum which will take place as part of the IMI Industrial Inkjet Technology Showcase.

The aim of the event is provide some high level insight back to the developing inkjet community on where and why technology is being developed and to what the drivers for change might be ahead of the InPrint Show which will be taking place in Munich in November.

The InPrint Show itself is focused upon three key sectors within the industrial print sector itself, so the focus the content of this event around Functional and Future, Decorative and Packaging. Each section comprises of 20 minute presentations from three really engaging presenters, with a short panel discussion at the end.

                          Paul Jenkins Co-Founder of ThePackHub

                          Paul Jenkins Co-Founder of ThePackHub


Packaging is both the single largest, and also the closest to the consumer, having the dual role of providing a practical solution for product protection as well as being an interruptive media for branding and persuasion. 

Paul Jenkins runs ThePackHub one of the UK’s leading consultancies for packaging innovation. With a considerable amount of experience and expertise in bringing complex packaging to life, Paul is posing the question, ‘When will Packaging Join the Digital Print Revolution’?

Paul, who is also an InPrint Ambassador explains, “Packaging remains a very dynamic and pressured production process which continues to be vital for brands to both reassure consumers through effective branding but also to influence purchase. The run lengths within this sector are getting smaller, that isn’t to say we are printing smaller volumes, but we are most certainly under pressure to meet shorter run cycles. The time from decision to delivery is getting tighter and tighter. Digital technology has a considerable role to play and my session outlines the drivers for change whilst hopefully giving some insight for industrial print development.”

                                                         Giorgio Macor, Founder of Kuei

                                                         Giorgio Macor, Founder of Kuei

Design and Decor 

Drivers for change sometimes follow familiar paths. Surface imaging technology is adapting to meet the new demands of localised production, and the need for increased responsiveness and speed of production. As witnessed with the textile sector, a new technology that can produce shorter runs of product is highly sought after. The fact is that the textile sector in Italy is now virtually all digitally produced. But this serves the top tier of the market as opposed to the mid-range. Will the same change occur with other decorative substrates? There is no doubt that designers highly value the fact that digital allows them to achieve.

As well as speed, ink developments allied to single pass technological improvements are making it possible for inkjet to create haptic effects with the process. Giorgio Macor, Kuei and InPrint Ambassador explains about the heightened level of interest in special effect inks that provide a ‘Haptic’ effect just like the sensation of touching real wood. Giorgio explains, "With single pass technology and our unique 3D Printing effect onto wood decoration we are giving designers new possibilities. The new options they have are liberating as it enables a designer to take more risks by designing finishes that are truly individual."

Function and Future

Inkjet is playing an increasing role in functional applications from pharmaceutical production through to electronics. The forum tackles this section with contributions from University of Munich and Sheffield and also features a presentation from Mark Ritchie of Xaar who will be taking delegates through some of the developments of inkjet within advanced manufacturing including Si Chip manufacturing, Touchscreens and solar screen manufacturing as well as Factum, an advanced manufacturing project in partnership with University of Sheffield. Xaar is developing some key technologies that are aiming to place additive manufacturing with the use of inkjet onto another level. This is an exciting time to be involved with exploring the new potential of inkjet for industrial manufacture. 

                                 Mark Ritchie, Senior Product Manager Industrial Inkjet, Xaar

                                 Mark Ritchie, Senior Product Manager Industrial Inkjet, Xaar

Mark Ritchie explains, “Xaar is happy to be part of, and supporting the InPrint Industrial Print Forum as this is a very important sector for inkjet development and for Xaar's future. My session looks into the future of functional, rather than decorative, inkjet printing in manufacturing applications.  It will examine the factors driving change, look at some of the challenges inkjet faces, reviewing applications which are starting to move to digital and give an insight into one specific area: 3D printing using High Speed Sintering technology.”

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