The Diamond Touch

                      Mansour Abubaker, Apprentice Production Technician, Diamond Dispersions

                     Mansour Abubaker, Apprentice Production Technician, Diamond Dispersions

Based in Sheffield in the UK, Diamond Dispersions manufacture high quality, water based inks and dispersions for the rapidly growing worldwide inkjet ink industry. Manufacturing only to the highest standard possible their marketing strategy, to produce inkjet grade dispersions only for the inkjet industry, has ensured their reputation for quality in the marketplace. 

Founded by Sue Wright and Peter Callahan back in 2007, Diamond started out manufacturing inkjet dispersions for the only market available, the desktop ‘refill’ or aftermarket. Inkjet was in its infancy. The refill market was actually in serious decline and still is. While growing a solid reputation for quality, Diamond quickly decided they needed to move markets or die. This proved to be the turning point for the business.

                         Sue Wright and Peter Callahan, Co-Founders of Diamond Dispersions

                         Sue Wright and Peter Callahan, Co-Founders of Diamond Dispersions

Explains Sue: “Diamond has changed since those early days. Peter and I had already identified the opportunities developing in the newly developing textile market and we made the leap to focus our efforts in this arena.

The digital textile print market enabled us to become more innovative and afforded us the chance to create brand new products and technologies that have established Diamond as a market leader. 

As well as developing our bestselling dye-sublimation range of textile dispersions for polyester textiles, we adapted our existing pigment ranges of dispersions, with the development of new resins and binders, to work with cotton textiles. This work has resulted in a broad offering of high quality products to the market which is almost unique.”

The development of this particular market also allowed Diamond to redefine its marketing strategies. The ingress of new, large-scale textile printing machines led Diamond to work with European and US-based OEMs to develop products especially for them. 

In this respect Diamond has strengthened both its production and R&D capacities, recruiting valuable expertise to facilitate expansion. Diamond is extremely well positioned to take advantage of the explosion in digital textiles. Their dye sublimation dispersions for textile applications are market leaders and they are moving into the highly lucrative finished inks market. Diamond already have products for the growing pigmented Direct-to-Garment printing market (mainly T-shirts and home furnishings) and they are developing ranges of Reactive and Acid dye dispersions and ink products to complete their offering for the textile market. 

Continues Sue: “We export to over 20 countries worldwide including Europe (and Eastern Europe), China, USA, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, India, Israel, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. To support sales growth, we have developed a network of distributors for key geographic areas including the USA, Europe, South Korea, China and Brazil. We also have in-country technical support managers in China, Brazil and South Korea. 

“Peter and I spend two thirds of the year travelling because we firmly believe in hands-on, one-to-one relationships with all of our customers. Diamond is a small company and we don’t have the resources to cover all the markets at present but we have developed sophisticated marketing strategies that cover all major geographic areas as well as market segments and tiers.

“We’ve built up an international network of contacts either running ink or ink related companies, or industry consultants, and contacts from whom we learn about market activities and trends. It’s our aim to build the company infrastructure as well as developing and adapting to the new and changing markets.”

Concludes Sue: “People ask what is our secret. The truth is, we don’t have one. The fact that we had to work so hard to persuade ink manufacturers to trial with us in the first place has made us the company we are today. We had to prove our ability to manufacture quality products to the same specification over and over again so consistency and quality became Diamond’s byword. 

“Our decision to launch into the digital textile printing market was brave but the results have been spectacular. We’re immensely proud that Diamond is now one of the leading names in this market and the future looks very bright."

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                      Shannon North, MChem Chemistry student at The University of Sheffield 

                      Shannon North, MChem Chemistry student at The University of Sheffield