New hybrid varnish for the automotive industry

Marabu’s Mara® Cure HY hybrid varnish meets growing demand for an exceptionally high-quality finish, and customisation options, particularly in the automotive industry. It combines the advantages of solvent-based and UV-curable coatings, delivering exceptional versatility, flexibility and durability. 

IMD (in-mould decoration) or FIM (film insert moulding) processes require a high degree of temperature resistance and flexibility. In addition, the final product must be extremely durable and resistant to chemicals. Mara® Cure HY is a mouldable, and abrasion- and chemical-resistant dual-cure screen printing varnish. It can also be used as a protective hard-coat for films made from PC, PMMA or ABS, which are more susceptible to abrasion.

Ideal for diverse industrial applications

A state-of-the-art, cost-effective alternative to conventional film coating, Mara® Cure HY is suitable for all IMD processes on substrates commonly used in the automotive industry. The hybrid varnish is ideal for automotive interiors and exteriors, and for indoor and outdoor applications, such as furniture coatings. Mara® Cure HY is highly reactive, and provides the flexibility needed in downstream processes, including moulding (before UV curing), punching, cutting, and back injection moulding (after UV curing).

For robust protection or striking visual effects

The versatile varnish allows varying degrees of glossiness. For example, the high-gloss product creates eye-catching glossy effects on matt film surfaces. In turn, the satin-gloss product achieves a compelling matt contrast to glossy films.     Mara® Cure HY films display exceptional elasticity, ensuring outstanding mouldability. Furthermore, the varnish is highly transparent. And it meets all standard automotive industry tests, including sunscreen (GMW 14445) and mechanical resistance (in accordance with Oesterle DBL 9202).

Mara® Cure HY is now available in 1 kg containers. Marabu unveiled the new varnish in May 2015 at the FESPA screen, textile and digital print exhibition in Cologne, Germany. 

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