Great Innovations Line Up Announced

InPrint Show Organisers have announced the line up of host, presenters and panellists for the second Great Innovation Competition which takes place 11th November at InPrint 2015

The objective is to award a worthy winner with the prestigious mantle of 'Great Innovation' at InPrint 2015. In 2014, German innovators Hymmen won the inaugural prize for their single pass digital inkjet decoration technology. For more information on last years competition please refer to the link at the bottom of this story.

This year, the competition will be hosted by Sophie Matthews-Paul of Rockstro.

The panel consists of Mike Willis (IMI), Lorenzo Villa (InPrint Italy Ambassador) and Markus Benesch.

Presenter line up:

  • Alexander Hinterkopf - Hinterkopf
  • Peter Callahan - Diamond Dispersions
  • Giorgio Macor - Kuei
  • Frank Seemann - Erfurt & Sohn
  • Nufar Kiryati - Bordeaux
  • Ivar Emde - Heidelberg
  • Florian Flaessler - Wifag Polytype
  • Claire Genat - Sensient
  • Alan Hudd - Alchemie Technology
  • David Lyus - GEW
  • Richard Darling - Xaar
  • Graham Kennedy - Ricoh

Each contestant will give an elevator pitch style presentations that convey the unique innovative attributes of their particular product and will answer questions from the panel. At the end of the presentation sequence, the panel will whittle the field down to two and then the audience decides the overall winner.

If you'd like to be part of this decision make your way to the conference theatre for 3.30pm.

Great Innovations promises to be informative, inspiring and entertaining.

For more information on last year's competition winner do check out this earlier blog - to get FREE entry into the InPrint Show use this link