JetSet at the forefront of industrial printing innovation

Together with its world-class partners Xaar, Dimatix, Kyocera, INX Digital, KUEI and Onyx, Italy-based JetSet is ready to show the real meaning of integration with scanning and single-pass units at InPrint 2015

Xaar-based systems are the foundation of JetSet's offer

At InPrint 2015 on its booth JetSet Industrial will be introducing Gate, a new open platform for industrial and OEM inkjet integration. Designed for high-productivity and high-precision scanning applications in a multitude of segments, Gate is characterized by its full modularity and the capability to integrate different substrate handling (including roll-to-roll for flexible substrates, conveyor belt and sliding vacuum table) and a variety of printheads, ink chemistries, ink recirculation systems, drying and curing technologies such as mercury and

LED UV lamps, infrared, NIR, air blades, etc. The Xaar-based system exhibited at InPrint 2015 will demonstrate the unique combination of JetSet engineering, magnetic-driven conveyor belt and patented ink recirculation with the industrial class Xaar 1002 printheads. Gate will print metal sheets using a special ink chemistry designed by KUEI, a fast-growing specialty inks manufacturer based in Northern Italy, specialized in inkjet formulations that include inks for 3D texturing compatible with Xaar single-pass integration. KUEI's metal coating inks used by JetSet at InPrint are characterized by low thickness, extreme flexibility and high adhesion.

"Thanks to the solidity of Xaar technology and the quality of our cooperation, begun years ago and still strong and strategic, we've been able to handle the most complex requirements of industrial customers and OEM partners worldwide, from graphics to metal decoration, from plastics to ceramics and wood - says Sergio Ferrari, Managing Director at JetSet".

StarFire, a technology that burns

The second technology showcase on the JetSet booth will see the Gate platform equipped with Dimatix StarFire printheads and configured with the well-established sliding vacuum table handling system, magnetic-driven and designed for the best droplet positioning. This technology allows the direct print on pre-shaped 3-dimensional objects, with perfect reproduction of the image also on three-dimensional substrates with different heights and distances from between nozzles and materials. JetSet will demonstrate the combination of its unique ink recirculation for Dimatix StarFire, that guarantees flawless results and a stable ink flow inside the printhead, even at high printing speed in scanning mode, that implies sudden accelerations and stops of the carriage. The high-performance UV-curable inks selected for InPrint are provided by INX Digital, part of Sakata INX, one of the world's leading ink suppliers.

"StarFire is a robust technology and one of the latest additions to our range of printheads, and is already attracting a huge interest in the market. We have developed robust technologies for integrators and OEMs wishing to release print platforms based on this technology" - explains Ferrari.

Scanning to single-pass

Last but not least, JetSet will be showing at InPrint 2015 a sample of its M-Series single pass modules. Equipped with Kyocera KJ4 industrial printheads, using Sensient waterbased pigmented inks, the M-Series is designed for integration into fully digital or hybrid single-pass printing environments. The modular printing bar, based on independent 4-printheads modules, can be easily configured up to multiple colors and virtually unlimited printing widths. Thanks to the Kyocera technology, it can work at speeds up to 60 linear meters per minute. 

"Although it's not the heart of our existing offering, single-pass integration is a key issue in the our development strategy. The experience reached with Kyocera printheads and aqueous ink chemistries allows us to face with confidence the requirements of different industries, it doesn't matter if they want just inkjet or a combination with analog printing technologies - adds Ferrari.

All the units introduced by JetSet at InPrint are driven by Onyx, according to the long-term cooperation between the Italian manufacturer and the software company. Even if we're open to any software platform, including the ones recommended by our customers for their specific integration, the relationship with Onyx is strong and is confirmed also for the showcases at InPrint 2015  - ends Ferrari.

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