Creating unique design environments

We are really pleased to have top designer Markus Benesch working closely with us on the InPrint show.

He will be showing his digitally produced design ideas in our Markus Benesch Creates Showcase next to the Café and will join other speakers on Wednesday 11th November in the Main Conference to talk about Digital Decor.


So who are Markus Benesch Creates?

Markus Benesch Creates is a multi-disciplinary design studio that creates whimsical surfaces, products and interiors.

Markus Benesch is a self-taught designer, inventor and artist. His first creation—a wooden submarine that he built and sank when he was 9 years old—ultimately led him to his first commercial project at age 18: the design of two stores for Benetton while he was still in school.

Markus learned Italian stucco techniques and tromp l'oeil painting from Italian and Belgian masters. His creative ideas combined with his ability for flawless execution has earned him a strong reputation in the creative and commercial industries.

The creation of immersive experiences, including the physical space (walls, ceiling and floor) as well as the objects and clothing of the participants has become our studio's unique identity. We are happy to share our newest work with you and to showcase the evolution of our studio. With each project, our experience, knowledge and curiosity grow.

After 25 years, we continue to push ourselves toward new questions and solutions in design.

Today, Markus lives between Munich, Milan and New York and holds lectures and workshops as a guest professor at L´ESAD Reims, NABA Milano, IED Milano and Politecnico di Milano, in the field of interior, product and innovative design. 

We asked Markus : Can you give me a few examples of what you do exactly?

We design and create furniture, lighting, accessories and surfaces for the laminate, textile and wallpaper industries. We also do all kinds of interior projects from offices, shops, fairstands and private homes. We do a lot of commercial work, private commissions and industry-related projects.

Since the late 90s, we have been pioneers in the industrial digital printing industry. Markus Benesch Creates also has a wallpaper brand: CURIOUS BOY. The business is working more and more on art projects since the demand for his creations is increasing.  

We are pleased to be involved with InPrint 2015 and will be working on the Brainlab Headquarters, München Riem, Germany, just outsie the Messe Munich.