What is InPrint's DNA?

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After the success of the second show, how does the InPrint show compare with other Print events?

I noticed on Twitter the other day that someone who is very close to a ‘large German commercial Print show’ was slightly cynically asking the question – did anyone go to InPrint in Munich?

Well let me first say that we were very happy that nearly 3500 visitors did attend InPrint this year and that by all accounts exhibitors felt that the quality of these visitors was of the very highest calibre. Time and time again exhibitors said to me that they had really excellent and lengthy conversations with senior buyers both Printers and from end user manufacturing. Companies who are really serious about developing Industrial Print in their production process or as a service. Not the same old faces, the tyre kickers and students – NO these attendees, who had made the effort to attend the show, even whilst Lufthansa were on strike, where different and new and interested.  

Our amazing rebooking levels for InPrint in Milan confirms that the exhibitors were really happy and that there is a general level of interest and excitement about the InPrint shows, even Benny Landa flew in from Israel to be at the show!

So what is it that attracts these people? Well we believe it is the DNA of InPrint. Whilst the big blockbuster Print shows are all about commoditisation , slow steady growth and established markets, InPrint is about Customised technology, manufacturing focus and technical problem solving.

And the speed at which this sector is developing and market innovating is unbelievable.

So InPrint is currently a niche event for a small evolving Print market, but let’s be clear it is a very important part of the ‘future of Print’.