Imagico launch Imagijet at InPrint: A new brand for inkjet

Deepak Gupta, Imagico

Deepak Gupta, Imagico

Imagico make core ingredients for the manufacture of industrial inks and their aim is to provide the developing European industrial print market with a solution for ink manufacture. Imagijet is part of the Imagico Group, which has headquarters in India. In this blog I talk with Deepak Gupta, the Managing Director and owner of the business, about the ambition and vision for Imagijet and Imagico but also the essence of their product offering. 

Imagijet is part of Imagico, tell us more about the company?

“IMAGICO is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Colorant Systems, Nano dispersions and Pigment Pastes for paints, inks, textiles and various other industrial applications. IMAGICO’s production facilities are equipped with a world class laboratory that has been designed and constructed as per international standards wherein we have the possibility to innovate new products & applications and also can optimize the production as per customer requirements. Our production facilities are equipped with most modern and technologically advanced dispersion equipment. We have technically qualified Q.C. as well as R&D team with in-depth technological expertise and we are continuously working for the development of better and quality products to service as per customer specifications. We also have the benefit of having European bases in Barcelona and Milan to provide the European marketplace with access to their innovative products for colourants and their master batch solution.”
Deepak, please tell me more about master batch?

“IMAGIJET 3970 UV LED Inkjet MB (Masterbatch) is a complex ready to use inkjet digital intermediate suitable for developing and producing UV/LED inks for Digital coding, marking, graphic arts, signage and narrow web printing. OUR PRODUCT IMAGIJET 3970 UV LED Inkjet MB (Masterbatch) will allow the end user to use IMAGIJET INKNOWLOGY, its narrow particle size pigment distribution and stability will allow the ink producer to achieve ink stability, excellent color gamut and jetting performance in industrial environments.”

What are the advantages of master batch?

The master batch is really relevant with ink making getting so complex due to continued demand for industrial inkjet, our colorants and the master batch is increasingly important because of the complexity and the specialisation that inkjet is attracting. It speeds up production whilst taking away a lot of groundwork with industrial ink development. Industrial inkjet is challenging ink producers to do new things they have never previously been asked to do so improving time to market for ink production with our master batch product can help greatly. Having the right master batch and formulations helps ink producers respond more quickly to demand. Time to market is much shorter and it takes away a lot of additional activity. A master batch saves a lot of ground work for the ink manufacturer as we have created an effective platform on which to adapt this formulation into new applications.

In short master batch provides the following:

•    Reduction in production and delivery lead time.
•    Inkjet is produced on demand.
•    Ink inventory is reduced to bare minimum.
•    Raw materials inventory reduction.
•    Ink shelf life improved.
•    Reduction of hardware in production
•    Filters cost is reduced due to consistent particle size.

“Our masterbatches are a full family of products, with our control and balanced particle size distribution to meet all Printheads and OEM manufacturer standards. Ink produced with the masterbatch achieve a perfect curing behavior on single pass applications at 24,7 m/min and 6 KHZ using Xaar 1001 GS 6 pl printing line and Phoseon FireJet curing device. All of our products meet the required standards for EuPIA regulations and do not include Vinyl Caprolactam according to EuPIA TC, 2015-03-11.” 

What heads do your products work with?

They work with a number of head including: Xaar 500, 126, 1001, 1002, Toshibatec CF1L, Kyocera KJ4A, Ricoh GEN5, Konica Minolta 1024, 512 and Seiko 508,510,1024.

What applications do they work with?

“Among the different materials in the market IMAGIJET inks and master batches are suitable for a variety of substrates, it is important to note that IMAGIJET inks are suitable for flexible and for rigid materials.”

Where are your products produced?

“Our production facilities are equipped with most modern and technologically advanced dispersion equipment produced in Switzerland by W.A.B. We have technically qualified Q.C. as well as R&D team with in-depth technological expertise and we are continuously working for the development of quality products.”

With Imagico being headquartered in India, does this provide European companies with any other value? 

“It is almost an obvious statement to make that India and Asia represents a considerable opportunity that no western company wants to be deprived of. All of the European equipment manufacturers would like to be in India but most do not enter due to the difficulty of cost. With European brands demanding high value, the cost structure is too high for a market which is still very much focused upon price. 

But now could be the time for inkjet companies to begin a long term strategy for India as the economy begins maturing. In India the market for inkjet is very nascent.  For instance, UV has not come into India because solvent is cheap but according to Deepak, but UV will eventually become the staple ink solution as the multinationals of the world will want consistency of production.

For European companies wanting to trade in India, Imagico would like to be that local ink partner. We would like to help European companies to deliver the product at a price that is competitive for India. Imagico can provide the local knowledge, networks, expertise and manufacturing capacity that will help companies access the market in the right way so that they do not fall at the first hurdle. India really will become a great market for inkjet one day.”

Imagico at InPrint

Imagico is a leading Indian producer of digital inks and master batches for ink jet, for industrial and graphic applications. OIL Inkjet INKnology provides two ink families depending upon the final end user’s needs and requirements. Maintenance cost is reduced in production due to the extreme stability of both inks, joined to form the powerful optical density of ImagiJET pigment concentration. Imagico Ink jet LED Flexible are exclusively formulated for the best curing performance in narrow web, industrial printing and graphic arts applications. Imagico also produces traditional printing inks and master batches for flexo, paper and textile colorants and Architectural coatings.

In order to find out more about Master batch, their products, solutions and check out Imagico at InPrint 2015 in HallA6 and booth #D58