Evolutionizing Digital Textile Printing: Introducing One Ink for all Fabrics

Guy Evron, Marketing director, Bordeaux Digital PrintInk. Will be speaking at InPrint 14.30 on November 10th at Messe Munich. You can get a free activation code at the end of the article.

Guy Evron

Guy Evron

Summary of his presentation - Digital textile printing is a market that has been growing significantly in the past years. It is gradually taking the place of traditional textile printing because of the market shift towards shorter print runs.

Current digital textile printing method relays on many different inks, each dedicated to one specific type of fabric, a fact which heavily limits the flexibility of producers to provide solutions for multiple applications.

The future of digital textile printing lays in the new water based pigment ink, recently developed by Velvet Jet. This ink allows printing on any type of fabric, including cotton, synthetic as well as on blended fabrics. It even allows printing on leather and décor.

The simple printing process of the new pigment ink provides vivid colors with outstanding chemical ink features and maintains the natural feel of the fabrics.