Conference Spotlight: David Lyus, GEW

David Lyus at GEW is presenting within the InPrint Forum Theatre at the InPrint Show on Thursday 12th November at 12pm.

Session title: The shared future of mercury arc and LED UV curing technologies

The best choice of UV curing technology depends on the exact printing application and will determine optimum production efficiency both in terms of performance and cost.
GEW has developed its own unique hybrid UV technology that allows a mercury arc lamp system and an LED system to work in parallel on the same machine, using the same power supply, control and lamp housing. The systems are customised to provide the correct output power, wavelength, substrate temperature and form factor for the application.  
For printers, the intelligent combination UV technologies optimises processes, maximises ink compatibility and increases machine productivity.  For printing machinery manufacturers offering a choice of mercury arc or LED curing, they are now able to eliminate variability by standardising their electrical integration for the UV across their entire product range.

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