What is piloting your machine? An interview with Sebastien Hanssens, Caldera

Sebastian Hanssens, Caldera

Sebastian Hanssens, Caldera

Caldera exhibited as a founder exhibitor at the very first InPrint and Sebastien was one of the founding ambassadors. Here we talk software for industrial print. 

So why is software important for an industrial print line?

Software is important. It is the core of the machinery because without the software it cannot work. It interprets the design and transforms it into somethings that the machine understands. For textile and industrial it is incredibly important.

I think it is like the pilot of a plane. As inkjet is now a driver for industrial inkjet and its digital, we expect it to continue to grow and to some extent diversify. 

What about textile? 

We believe that textile is an industrial process. It is transforming fashion and decor. We don't think the graphic textile which includes flags, which you tend to see at a Fespa is industrial as the application and market value of this is different. We are talking industrial level, high value textile.

Colour management is very important for textile and industrial. Electronics is precision and the workflow is better so the measurement of value is different 

The big technology machines are where textile is incredibly exciting. For single pass, this is the technology that is challenging screen printing for production speed whilst giving printers new production and creative possibilities.

So personalised and customised decoration increases softwares importance?

The decor market is splitting up due to growth in demand for personalisation and localisation. 

This trend, by its very nature, means that clever software needs to come to the fore to meet the demand ms? placed upon industrial printing within manufacturing.

We are also seeing a growth in demand for direct to shape for packaging and we see increase in demand there and it's growing. However it is,more or less, application focused. What is forcing this change is the brands are pushing it and this is where change gains momentum and really gets going.  

Industrial print is a fast developing and evolving landscape and for Caldera it is an strategically important marketplace for the future. 

What will you show at InPrint 2015?

We will show our RIP software and Industrial Inkjet Workflow solutions. Caldera has a growing base of clients in such industrial applications as floor coverings, glass, automobile components and packaging. InPrint is now an important part of our agenda to address this market and meet our clients and partners.