InPrint 2015 sees the start of the direct to shape revolution

The revolution starts at InPrint 2015

The revolution starts at InPrint 2015

After talking with InPrint Show exhibitors in Munich in November it has occurred to me that digital technology constantly challenges you to confront your preconceived notions.

I had up to now thought that digital will continue to create new value, that it will coexist with analogue and that this is the norm. But I now think that digital direct to container will eventually replace analogue technologies and may even threaten the label. Seriously. 

Why? Because the old order has been shaken up. The manufacturing lines that had been established as the norm are now being challenged. New digital entrants are providing new opportunities and importantly the cost is coming down. 

I was recently with Martinenghi who informed me that according to an evaluation done on their Michelangelo machine installed at their sister company La Metallurgica, when all factors within the manufacturing life cycle are factored in, digital is cheaper.  And when things are cheaper, the barriers to change crumble quickly. 

So could we have a revolution on hands? And is this the next big thing for industrial print?

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