Are we careful and cautious? Or are we risk takers?



Interesting that when you launch a new event or you come to market with a new concept, you tend to get two clear groups form around you.

There are the ‘believers’, the ones who get it immediately, who understand the need to take risks to learn and succeed.

And then the ones who say ‘We will sit at the side and observe’, the cautious, the careful, the conservative amongst us.

What is the difference between these two philosophies? I guess it is the element of risk. We may not  like it  and certainly many don’t feel comfortable with it, but there is a trend when it comes to risk. People who take risks, do succeed! They may also fail, but as long as they learn, they will move forward.

Here are 7 good reasons for taking risk :

1. Unforeseen opportunities often come from risk-taking.

2. Taking risks shows confidence and helps you stand out as a positive, exciting , innovative company.

3. We learn from risks -- and those lessons may lead us on to an important, new path.

4. Success won't fall in your lap -- you have to pursue it.

5. You don't achieve your goals by playing it safe.

6. Embracing risk-taking helps you overcome a fear of failure.

7. Taking a risk doesn't mean doing so haphazardly.

Think about it….You’ve got be confident enough to take risks, but you also need your working environment to be flexible enough to allow for mistakes. Fail fast means getting it wrong but moving on quickly. Companies who have a culture that don’t like getting things wrong will struggle with this. But they will also struggle to innovate and evolve.